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Classic Routes

Have you ever tried finding a good route on the internet?

Finding routes themselves is easy, too easy. In fact, a quick search for routes in Madison yielded over 40,000 routes to choose from. But are they any good? Who is authoring all those routes? And can you trust them?

This is one of biggest problems we’re working to solve with blackriver. On our platform, we promote routes from local shops, brands, and advocacy groups above the routes from regular riders. We call them “Classic Routes”. We believe our business partners will share the best routes in order to showcase their local knowledge and build their brand.

It’s a well-known fact that any bike shop worth its salt is a repository for good routes. blackriver is a place to broadcast that local knowledge and curate experiences for your current and potential followers.

The Explore Page displays Classic Routes at the top.

What kind of routes should I post as Classics?

Here are few questions to get your started:

Where do you like to ride?

Is there a spectacular destination you’d suggest riding to?

What routes do you want to associate with your brand?

What bikes are you selling the most of?

What route would help someone fall in love with their new bike?

Where should people ride? Is there cycling infrastructure in the area?

What places do you like to go when you ride? Coffee shops? Restaurants? Breweries?

Once you’ve made a list of Classics, it’s time to get them added to your profile. It’s easy to import via GPX or TCX to quickly establish a catalog of routes,, but we recommend creating the routes in the route

builder, so you can generate Ride Cards. Once the route is in, add some Points of Interest (POI) to highlight places riders should know about. These may include places to grab water, coffee or beer, places to be careful, technical features on a trail, or your company’s location.

As you add images and descriptions to your Classic Routes, think about what you want people to see and know about the experience of riding that route. blackriver is an experience-centered platform. Share the best tips for a good ride. Highlight the products you recommend for that route. Riders will appreciate knowing more information before they decide to ride it.

Creating a library of Classic Routes is a great way to broadcast your local knowledge, inspire your followers to ride, and build your brand. Register Now or Log In started today!

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