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What is blackriver for business?

Simply put, blackriver for business is a toolkit for using your local route knowledge and riding activities to add value to your brand. Pairing products with experiences is a powerful way to build better relationships with your customers.

blackriver’s three main business features, Classic Routes, Events, and Challenges will help you inspire and engage your followers in a whole new way. Creating an active community around your establishment through inspires loyalty and increases traffic.

Classic Routes

  • Curate a great experience by sharing the best routes around.

  • Classic routes appear at the top of local search results on the Explore Screen.

  • Use Classic RideCards in the store to get riders on the right routes, right away.


  • Consolidate the effort of sharing all the info for riding events in one place

  • Track attendance & export rider data.

  • Inspire riders to share their own stories for your Events.


  • Patent pending Route-Specific Challenge technology - Pair a specific route with a specific reward.

  • Riders who complete the route within the date range get a notification to pick up their prize in the store or online.

  • Track participation & export rider data

blackriver for business is available for $39/mo or $399/year. Click here to register.

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